25 December 2008

5 Ways to Expand Online Business Brand with SEO Website

. 25 December 2008 .

SEO website is the best way to optimize an online business. With SEO website, our site will appear on high rank and easily to find out on search engine. A company with its product and service will be known by a lot of people from search engine result. After good marketing like that, a business should build its brand for more optimization.

In business marketing, brand is the first important tool. Some people distinguish the psychological aspect of a brand from the experiential aspect. The psychological aspect, sometimes referred to as the brand image, is a symbolic construct created within the minds of people and consists of all the information and expectations associated with a product or service. With one brand, most of businessman can explore a lot of kind of business around the world with internet. One thing that should be noticed is making a strong brand. Brand can be built with SEO website, and there are 5 ways I’ve compiled to do for creating a strong brand 1. Create a unique name for your business center.
It can be done by choosing your own name or trying to find out some unique name out of there. As we all know, there are so many brand going from the business owner. A unique brand business firstly attract customer’s eyes catcher to know more about it inside.

2. Create a unique business mascot and slogan picture, this is one way to make customer memorize our business in their mind stronger than words.

3.Create a SEO website with page optimization and SEO design.

For example of point 1 to 3, just say, “John Cow”, an online businessman. He made his business brand from his own name and created a cow as his mascot. And unique web design by showing a car with cow paint dotted include.

4.Join SEO competition.

What will we get for our business from this contest? SEO contest is the best way to get traffic, network, and brand all at once. People who participate a SEO competition will try to win it by building a lot of links and network to appear in top search engine. With good position you will be known by a lot of people around the world and it makes visitor find out about “who is the guy?” It will bring a lot of visitors to your website and in the same time you show your business brand. After that, your website will get more traffic visitor and rank

There are some webmaster companies usually hold annual SEO world competition. For example, the biggest one in previous year is SEO world championship and in this year is ‘Busby SEO World Cup 2008’ held by Busby Web Solution. They can be the references to build business brand.

5. Create your own SEO contest. Anyone can hold a SEO contest. When you have had big business and want to build it stronger, you can hold a SEO contest with your brand as key phrase and your link inside. Why not? Let’s see how big your brand and rank then.


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