07 August 2008

SEO For Your Website

. 07 August 2008 .

Search engine optimization is the process that an SEO company or individual webmaster goes through in order to improve the search engine rank of a website. This might sound complicated, but it's actually very simple. If you use Google, Yahoo!, or Live, you know the importance of having a website be on the front page of search results. You, like most people, probably only search through the first 1-3 pages of search engines, so any website that isn't listed in the top listings isn't going to be visited by you - or just about anyone else.

Considering the fact that websites on page 4 and beyond do sell products and services, it's quite plain why a website needs to invest time or money into search engine optimization. SEO is a time and labor intensive process that often requires the diligence a team of experienced professionals. However, there's no magic in SEO, and some webmasters choose to improve their website's search rank through their own efforts. This approach sometimes provides temporary mediocre results.

How SEO Affects Your Website

Let's say you sell rice, so you need to bring people to your website who are interested in buying rice. You could advertise on the radio, TV, in the newspaper, or on the internet. Blanket marketing works for some businesses and some products in some situations, but by far the most effective method of business marketing is now the internet. Why? Because people who find your website on the internet using a search engine are actually researching what you sell - they are highly motivated shoppers!

You can begin moving your website up in search engines by building links to your website from quality, related websites; also, add unique, keyword optimized content to your website. This needs to be done repeatedly for a period of time - often months, before top placement is reached. If you're unsure where to begin, start by using Google to find a quality search engine optimization firm in your city.


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