22 October 2008

SEO and Image Optimization

. 22 October 2008 .

Many people who have been running websites for various reasons try different tactics and techniques to get high rank in search engine results. They buy appropriate domain names, optimize their page names, titles, meta tags, exchange links, increase their pagerank and do any other thing so as to get more hits from search engines. But have they ever done something about “Image Optimization”?

As you know, many search engines have started their image search services. This great change has brought a different point of view to the understanding of SEO. Although it may seems strange, some webmasters from different parts of the world whom I know or not have begun to use “Image Optimization” to get more hits from search engines, mainly focusing on Google. At first I couldn’t believe in that crazy idea (Could getting hits by a good image optimization be possible?), and I tried it in one of my sites. The result was really surprising and fantastic. It really worked miracle and I started to get more hits from image searching especially made via Google.

What must be done for a good “Image Optimization”?

1- Do not name your images randomly!

We, the webmasters, generally use different images to make our websites “good looking”. These images may be a part of a template or a photo of a celebrity, flower, city, or anything else. Whether we use many or a few images, we should name them properly. Some don’t do that and name the images in their websites oddly, such as “pic1”, “image123” or photo-a”. This is really a bad habit that you should give up for a good “Image Optimization”. If you are using a rose picture name it “rose” or “rose-picture” or “rose-photo” instead of just calling it as “pic1”.

2- Be aware of the benefits of “alt” tag!

The second step for “Image Optimization” is to use “alt” tag always in html codes. Naming the images is a good technique but it is not enough by itself. In addition to a good name, your images need top searched phrases in “their” alt tags. For instance, you use different city view photos of New York named properly such as “New-York-Photo-1”, “New-York-Photo-2” and go on. The next step is to use good key phrases in their “alt” tags. Here are the examples:

img src=“New-York-Photo-1.gif”; alt=”New York Photos
img src=“New-York-Photo-2.gif”; alt=”New York City Views
img src=“New-York-Photo-3.gif”; alt=”New York Pictures
img src=“New-York-Photo-4.gif”; alt=” Photos of New York
img src=“New-York-Photo-5.gif”; alt=” New York Snapshots

(You can have a look at Google Sandbox in order to learn top searched key words and phrases)

For similarly named images, you can use different top searched key words or phrases. That would really help your site to be ranked in a high position in different image searches. These two simple tips that I talk about in this article will absolutely supply you with high ranks in image searchs, which you can not disregard.


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