28 October 2008

What Would a Los Angeles SEO Company Do?

. 28 October 2008 .

Industry best practices in search engine optimization aren't exactly untold secrets. There are, however, quite a few techniques that say, a top Los Angeles SEO firm would use that they may not divulge to their clients. While it's all fine and well to take a few optimization strategies into your own hands, particularly when you're just starting up a website, it's best to let the professionals initialize and maintain SEO if you truly want positive results without taking much of a gamble. While even the best SEO firms cannot guarantee top placement in search engine results, you can pretty much bet that by hiring a reputable and affordable SEO firm, you will garner the targeted traffic you need. Here are a few tips and best practices in the world of SEO:

-Purchase a website that has already been established (preferably 2001 or before).
-Begin a PPC campaign early while waiting for organic traffic from SEO to come in. When your organic traffic is greater than your pay-per-click traffic, you can close out the pay-per-click.
-Get maximum control of your online presence by buying up brand-related domains.
-Start off by optimizing for no more than five to ten keywords.
-Optimize primarily for keywords related to your products/services that your customers are using to find your site.
-Read transactional emails and product inquiries from your customers to get an idea of the verbiage your exiting and potential customers are using for your products/services.
-Feel free to ask your customers (in a survey, in person, or over the phone) what keywords they would use when searching online for your products/services.
-Load time often factors into your search engine rankings, so make sure that you optimize the load time of your website.
-Although meta keywords aren't necessary, you can use the meta description for your elevator pitch.
-Minimize duplicate wording by using "no index" and "no follow" tags where duplicate content can't be avoided.
-You don't need to have the company name in each title tag, but you do need to include your keywords.
-Limit your title tags to 65 characters.
-Use a different title tag for each page of your website.
-For best results, use your keywords in the URL for your website.
-Use sub directories over sub domains, as sub domains will dilute your link juice. (Link juice is the quality or weight that a website passes on to other sites through links.)
-Title any and all of your images as keyword phrases (using - for space) and always include alt tags.
-Use a directory name that contains a keyword instead of a directory called "images."
-Since Google treats -'s as a space, use - instead of _.
-Always pay close attention to any patents that Google releases.
-Hire a Los Angeles SEO company to take care of all of the above and more for you. Doing it right the first time could save you a lot of headaches in the future.


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