15 November 2008

SEO Companies Who Take Your Money And Do No Work

. 15 November 2008 .

There are many search engine optimisation companies out there who promise the world, yet deliver very little! Who can you trust to work on your website? Who do you know will have your best interests at heart, and strive to achieve the best solution for your SEO needs? Accomplished SEO UK are a highly respectable and ethical search engine optimisation company, our dedicated team of SEO and Internet Marketing professionals work hard to ensure each clients website receives 100% attention by their individually assigned SEO manager.

Here at Accomplished SEO UK we ONLY practice ethical white hat Search Engine Optimisation techniques. Accomplished SEO do our up most to achieve top search engine ranking positions for your website, through keyword densities, link building, fresh content and much more. SEO is a long term organic process that reinforces a websites credibility increasing its online presence and ultimately leading to increased sales. Some of our clients have come to us at Accomplished SEO UK from bad practicing search engine optimisation agencies, they have had their paws burnt by un ethical SEO techniques and in many cases no work being done on their site at all!

Below I have detailed various reasons why some websites who have their SEO work carried out by these un ethical non dedicated SEO agencies may not be ranking within the search engines; or how website owners may feel they are being cheated by their SEO company.

1. Take your money before advise is given
I have heard many stories about SEO agencies not offering any advise until the client has paid their fees. This is not true for Accomplished SEO UK, we are happy to discuss your Internet Marketing needs providing you with a Free Analysis of your website. Here at Accomplished we don’t tie you into a contract period, we find that our clients are happy to continue their service with us through our hard work and dedicated. Our clients work with us because they love the top quality service we provide.

2. Promise reports but never delivered
Some SEO agencies promise monthly SEO reports, although these don’t seem to surface. This is unfortunate as clients want to see the progress on their website; what actions have taken place throughout the month. Accomplished SEO UK are proud to say that all our clients receive monthly SEO reports, sent directly to their email inbox! We want to show our hard work to you and highlight your improvements, Accomplished SEO UK reports are 100% correct and un biased, we are happy to discuss any points raised with our clients.

3. Non Contactable
It is annoying tying to call your service provider yet not getting through to your SEO professional, or not being given a straight answer. Accomplished SEO UK pride ourselves in being contactable, all our clients have an SEO professional assigned to them, who will contact you before any SEO work starts. You will be on first name terms with your SEO manager, who will contact you frequently in order to discuss your websites individual needs. Feel free to give your SEO professional a call, they will be happy to chat with you about your requirements. If your SEO manager is on the other line or in a meeting they will call you back the same day, there is no need to chase our professionals here at Accomplished SEO UK, we all want the very best for you and your website.

4. Website rankings do not improve
One common issue we have come across when clients from other SEO agencies come on board is that their website rankings do not appear to have improved over a certain time period. The probably reason for this is likely to be because the previous search engine optimisation agency have not worked on your site, although they have taken your money! Here at Accomplished SEO UK we find this disgraceful! It is in effect daylight robbery and unethical. You work hard to earn money, you pay for a service and quite rightly you expect results! Accomplished SEO UK deliver those results every time, we work hard on your website to increase your online presence! We provide monthly reports of your websites SEO, were contactable and provide a friendly approach.

Here at Accomplished SEO UK we have nothing to hide, our goal is top search engine rankings, and ultimately deliver these results. If you are currently in a SEO contract with another SEO agency, check when your FTP were last modified, this will give you an idea as to when your website was worked on last. Ask about the SEO report you were promised. It is not my intention to scare you into thinking every SEO agency is un ethical, I am writing from my experience being an Accomplished SEO UK professional. Accomplished SEO UK are an ethical, dedicated SEO agency we work hard to achieve the best for our clients. We provide extensive reports and on going website management. Feel free to browse through our Accomplished SEO UK website, take a Free website analysis and see what we can do for you.


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